"In other professions in which men engage,

The Army, the Navy the Church and the Stage,

Professional license, if carried too far,

Your chance of promotion will certainly mar -

And I fancy the rule might apply to the Bar."

- W.S. Gilbert

LINKS - Answers to many common questions can be found in links.  Here are some of the most useful. Click on the links below:

Here is a link to over five thousand answers to questions about criminal law that Joshua Sachs has provided for the AVVO online forum:

Where can I find the Rules of the United States Supreme Court?

Where can I find the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and the Seventh Circuit Rules?

Where can I find the Illinois Supreme Court Rules?


Where can I find information about expungement and sealing of Illinois criminal records?

How do I use the PACER system to gain access to federal court records?

Are there online resources to help a pro se litigant with an appeal?

     Try this one from the Illinois Supreme Court:

     and this one from the Appellate Lawyers Association:



IN PROGRESS  - This page is still under development.  When completed it will include responses to questions that my office frequently encounters.