"Crime is only the retail department of what, in wholesale, we call penal law."
- George Bernard Shaw

I have never tried to have a high-volume, assembly-line office.  When I agree to represent you I expect to give your case the time, the support, the investigation, the study and the effort that it needs.  If your case is straightforward I will do my best to bring it to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.  If it is massive and complicated I will put together a hand-picked defense team tailored to your needs.

In a criminal case, lawyer and client have to be able to work together and understand each other.  This is a matter of individual fit and, sometimes, of personal chemistry.  Not every lawyer is right for every case, and not every lawyer is right for every client.  You should be comfortable with your choice of attorney.

It works the other way, too.  Not every client is right for every lawyer.

In many cases it is useful to assemble a team defense.  In what is now over four decades in practice I have acquired a community of experienced independent criminal defense attorneys who enjoy working with me and who have the unusual ability to work as a team.  Although I generally prefer to work alone on appeal cases, I often like to bring associate counsel on board at the trial court level.  I have ongoing working relationships with criminal defense attorneys in Chicago and suburban Cook County, in Springfield and in Lake County, Illinois.  My short list includes veteran members of the federal defender panel, former members of the Cook County public defender's elite homicide task force, and former attorneys from the Illinois State Appellate Defender's office.

I encourage you to talk to me about your case.  I do not charge for an initial consultation to help you decide whether you want my office to represent you.