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The Law Office of Joshua Sachs combines the personal attention and commitment of a solo practice with depth and experience of a small, focused law firm.  Years of experience have taught me importance of a defense team of veteran attorneys accustomed to working together. When I represent you, you will always have the benefit of my own experience of more than forty years in criminal practice. If your case needs a strong and experienced team defense I can provide it.

The Law Office of Joshua Sachs is a focused law practice that seeks to provide the highest quality of legal assistance to individual and business clients facing State or Federal criminal prosecutions  We have the experience to help our clients at the stage of pre-charge investigation, at the pre-trial and trial stages, on appeal, and where appropriate, with special collateral remedies including post-conviction review and habeas corpus. We can also assist eligible clients in having their criminal records expunged or sealed.

A criminal case is a serious, and often a frightening, event.  Every case is different and every client is a unique individual.  Everyone facing a criminal investigation or prosecution needs and deserves experienced, skillful, dedicated, individual legal assistance. 


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